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Why PPE?

Impamark, why PPE?

In response to a number of recent questions, some information on why Impamark has been selling PPE.

Why are Impamark selling PPE?

We are a business and have bills to pay. Our normal business dropped to zero almost overnight.

We have had just one order for a small quantity of Promotional Merchandise during the first  4 weeks of lock down. We have had almost no enquiries, and we know that a lot of our best clients will not have any work for the foreseeable future.

We have had no option but to try and find ways to remain in business so we can try and keep our staff employed in the very difficult months ahead.

We know that there are many businesses and people that have been profiteering from PPE products during the crisis.

We have taken an ethical stance and have been selling at margins much lower than normal to try and help clients.

How did you get involved with PPE?

For many years Impamark have been essentially a sourcing company. We print logos on products, but our core business is to source products that people want.

We have suppliers in the UK, Europe, and the Far East. Many produce more than just promotional items, and it is this supply chain that we are part of.

Our trade only suppliers started to offer PPE items and we decided to test the market to see if there was any interest with our current client base.

It has been both happy and sad in equal measure. Sad to hear from desperate people who are unused to sourcing products. And happy when you hear their gratitude when we have been able to help them.

Truly extraordinary times.

Why don’t you donate all the PPE to the NHS?

It really isn’t that simple. If only.

The NHS has strict requirements and procedures which we cannot always fulfill. In addition the quantities that they require are vast, and their existing supply chains are effectively government managed within tender contracts.

They are sourcing massive quantities direct from the Far East and other places. We cannot compete with that.

However, in a bitter twist of irony, we supplied PPE to an air cargo company who were contracted to airlift NHS PPE supplies from China back to the UK. Their staff had no PPE equipment at all!!

We are a small company and do not have the cash to be able to just buy PPE and then give it away for free, particularly in the quantities that are required.

We have to buy the items ourselves. We do not get them given to us, and are not able to just give them all away.

However, we are regularly donating some PPE to charities and councils to try and assist.

We hope this answers some of your questions. If you have any other questions then do please ask and we will be happy to help answer them.

If you know someone who is struggling to find items then please put them in contact with us.